18 West Hastings - Burns Block

18 W Hastings, Vancouver
Developer: Reliance Properties Ltd.
Architect: Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc.
Year of Completion:
Number of Storeys: 6
Number of Units: 30
Special Features:

The micro-lofts, an innovative rental housing concept for Vancouver, combines heritage restoration with the creation of much-needed non-subsidized rental housing in the area.

This unique project supports the City of Vancouver's efforts at Heritage Conservation, Community Revitalization and the creation of more affordable market rental units for working people.

The highly efficient interiors of the suites at Burns Block are influenced by space-saving design principles from Europe and Asia. The suites utilize pull-down wall beds with integrated folding tables and built-in desks to create a single multi-function living space.

Vancouver Residential Commercial Heritage Special Projects